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    Dialogue 1

    M: Are you free next Thursday?

    F: Yeah, why, is there something going on Thursday?

    M: A bunch of us in the office are planning a retiring party for Bob, he's been with the company for ages, so everyone was really surprised to hear he took early retirement.

    F: Bob is retiring, wow...that's news to me, I had no idea Bob was that old, retirement's still sixty-five, right?

    M: Retirement age is still sixty-five, but I think more and more people are retiring earlier, I think Bob's in upper fifties already, he just looks pretty young.

    F: Wow...I thought he was early forties tops, why would he want to retire so soon?

    M: Well, I think if you prepare it well and capture good savings, retiring early can give you a lot more time for travel and other activities, you should get out and enjoy the life while you still can, don't you think?

    F: I guess if you have a Heathy for One care Plan, why not retire a few years early,so what plans does Bob have for his new life after retirement?

    M: he's been bringing travel brochures to the office and talking about all these exhorted places like Fiji and Hawaii, I have a hunch he'll take a second honey moon with his wife to some sunny paradise.

    Dialogue 2

    F: How are the benefits for your new job?

    M: it's the standard package, dental and health, but the best thing is our retirement plan, our company has a matching contribution program, which means my monthly deposit into my Fore One care Plan, it match by the company, dollar to dollar.

    F: Really? That's quite a substantial systems from your company for your future planning, after forty or so years of work force, you'll have a hefty sum left over for your retirement.

    M: Yeah, I'll have a sweet little estate waiting for me, my Fore One care is only my saving plan, my wife and I also got a stock portfolio that is earmarked for our retirement.

    F: You certainly are well prepared, your golden years will be quite golden if the stock market keeps doing well,

    M: We hope to have a little money laid away, that way, we can really enjoy our retirement, maybe I might even be able to take in early retirement, we might do a little of traveling if we want to, and having for bid, if we do have some health problem, at least we’ll be financial secured to be able to pay for medical treatment,

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