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    A:Mr Hughes? Do you have a minute?I would like to discuss something with you.

    B:What can I do for you?

    A:I was wondering,I have heard many of my co-wokers that your knowledge and experience in international markets is phenomenal. Also, I’ve heard the rumor that you speak fluent Janpanese. Is that right?

    B:Yes,that’s right.I do speak decent Janpanese.

    A:Right now I’m working on a product launch project to open up our Asian market. We have several upcoming events to take place for the Japanese cities. We ’ll be heading to Tokyo next month to get things started. What I would like to talk to you about is joining our team to help bring this project to completion.

    B:Excatly what kind of help did you have in mind?

    A:We aer looking for someone who is familiarwith the market and curtural issues to act as an advisor to our marketing staff. We would like to set up a partership,where we can help each other.

    B:So if I can help you as a consultant,what is in for me?

    A:We could give you an oncite office,as well as potential to develop your own contracts in Japan.At the same time, after helping with our project, we will be willing to split our profit with you.

    B:What kind of arrangement are you thinking about?

    A:You would have a share of 30% of our profits from the launch events. So,what do you say,are you willing to work with us?

    B:It sounds like a great offer ,give me a little time to think it over ,and I will get back to you by the end of the week.


    A:I heard that now you are working hand in hand with Michalsen Labs.How is the marriage of your firms working out?

    B:It is not a match made in heaven ,but we are trying to make it work. In the beginning ,everyone was really gung-ho about our two teams working togeiher. After all,Michalsen has got a lot of resource that we don’t normally have access to. But I think our honeymoon period was over after thet started making some very unfair demands for our staff.

    A:What kind of demands?

    B:They aren’t willing to shoulder the burden equally. Partnership should mean both of our teams contribute equally. But they are not willing to get 100%,for example,they expect our team to put in over nearly everyday. But htay are out of the door at 5:30 everyay.

    A:That doesn’t seem very fari. Did you discuss how the workload was going to be divvied up before you agreed on partnership?

    B:See ,that is ont of the problems. We jumpped into this relationship too soon. So there are lots of things that are not clearly spelled out. Like responbility and profits sharing.

    A:That is a dangerous situation. You have got to put everything in writing up front,or else later on,you could have some bad feeling between the two companies if the expectation is too different. It is on good to have bad blood between you afterwards.

    B:You are right.

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