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    Dialogue 1

    A: Hello Mr. Jones, please have a seat. Thank you for coming in today. I have read your resume. You completed University in England?

    B: Yes, I went to Cambridge. After graduation, I started right away into the advertising industry. Later, I made a bit of a switch to focus on marketing research.

    A: So, what experience do you have?

    B: I have ten years marketing experience. This includes both entry level and management positions. In my last position, I worked my way up to being director of the markeing department.

    A: I can see that from your resume. Your last position was marketing director for a pharmaceutical company, is that right? Later, why did you decide to leave your former post?

    B: I felt after five years in one place, I was ready for something new. I would like to have a job that is challenging, something that I can see and do new things every day. I loved many things about my former job, and I left with amiable feelings on both sides. I was just ready for something new.

    A: I see. Do you want to work full-time or part-time?

    B: I would rather work full-time.

    A: I'll make note of that. Now, what are your salary expectations?

    B: I am willing to negotiate, but I expect at least $40,000 a year.

    Dialogue 2

    A: Thanks for coming in on such short notice. Did you find our studio okay?

    B:Oh, yes, it was very easy to find with the directions you gave me.

    A: Good. Well, let's get right into your interview. We're looking for someone who will be able to work on a part-time basis only.

    B: That's no problem. I can work either part-time or full-time, but I actually prefer something part-time.

    A: Tell me a litter bit about your qualifications. We've already had over fifty applicants for this position. What sets you apart from all the other candidates?

    B: I think something I can offer that is different from everyone else is that I can speak several languages fluently. I have experience in intercultural communication, and I can help your station to reach a wider audience.

    A: Have you ever worked in broadcasting before ?

    B: I have done some work in print media, but this will be the first time to do broadcast media. Even though it is new for me, I learn really quickly. I have confidence I can get the hang of things in no time at all.

    A: Would you mind giving us a demo right now?

    B: No problem! I'd be happy to.

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