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    發布時間:2019年07月02日 12:47:37 來源:環球網校 點擊量:




    Our two sides have agreed to establish a good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust oriented towards the 21st century. To reach this goal, I would like to offer my observations as follows:


    We should make the best use of the existing mechanism of all-round dialogue and cooperation to broaden our exchanges and cooperation in all areas, at all levels and through all channels, and strengthen the exchanges and contacts between leaders and people from all walks of life of our two sides to enhance our mutual trust, expand common ground and promote friendship.


    We should give priority to our economic relations and trade, scientific and technological cooperation between our two sides in accordance with the principle of drawing on each other’s comparative advantages and mutual benefit and reinforce the cooperation in the areas of resources, technology marketing, banking, information, human resources development and investment to promote common progress.


    We should intensify two-way dialogue, coordination and mutual support between our two sides on major regional and international issues and in the United Nations, APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), AES(Asia-Europe Summit) and ARF(ASEAN Regional Forum) with a view to jointly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the developing countries and promoting their fair and equal participation in the international economic decision-making and operation without discrimination.


    We should continue our efforts in handling the existing differences or disputes through friendly consultations on an equal footing and seek a progressive solution to the problems. Those differences that cannot be solved for the time being may be shelved temporarily in the spirit of seeking common ground while putting aside differences so that they will not stand in the way of the establishment and development of the good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust between the two sides.


    China pursues unswervingly an independent foreign policy of peace, taking peace as the ultimate goal. As the largest developing country in the world with a relatively low level of productive forces on the whole, China needs a long term peaceful international environment and a good neighborly environment in particular to realize its modernization program through decades of arduous struggles. Even when China is developed, it will continue to adhere to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, live with other countries in amity in the spirit of mutual respect and treating others as equals, and never seek hegemony. China will always be a staunch force in maintaining regional and global peace and stability.

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